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How to effectively problem-solve in mediation- The Top Down approach

The ‘Top-down approach’ to problem-solving, in mediation This approach started to develop, in my mind and on paper, when I read; Conflicts- a better way to resolve them- Edward De Bono. Mediation is an outcome focused process so, logically, begin read more

How to listen ‘to understand’- 5 core skills

So, you want, no, NEED to feel understood ? Why is it that your work colleagues always jump down your throat when you suggest something at work? Why is that your former partner always seems to misunderstand what you are read more

If you really want to succeed in mediation- When the going gets tough..

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. So the saying goes and this is certainly true of mediation. Mediation is helping 1000’s of separating couples every year to reach their own agreements, avoid court and save many £1000’s. read more

‘Those who make situations seem more complex than they actually are probably do not understand them well enough”

There are times when I really wished I had thought of something first. The above proposition which was conceived of by Vivek Garg MBA the Texas-based Business Lead and Analyst and published on Linked In is a case in point. read more

An unbalanced workplace – Discrimination and equality issues in workplace mediation article :: An Unbalanced Workplace – Discrimination and Equality Issues in Workplace Mediation <!– –>// // By Andrew Fiddy and Fiona Colquhoun CEDR Disputes involving allegations of unlawful discrimination and the topics of prejudice and equality are arguably some read more

Conflict Resolution is a ‘numbers game’

This morning I was taking a credit card number from a client. Of the 23 numbers taken, one was incorrect. As a result, the system broke down and payment was not accepted. A few days ago, I received a referral read more

What about cost orders for not attending mediation?

What about cost orders against someone for refusing mediation? This question seems to be very topical at the moment, in various areas of law and cases which end up in court, where one person has refused mediation. If one party read more

Neuroscience and Conflict by Dr Gabija

One of the highlights for me of a recent presentation given by Dr Gabija about neuroscience and conflict was the part when she talked about ‘mammalian brain’ dominant traits compared with ‘human brain’ dominant traits (and ‘reptilian brain’ which this article read more

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