How to listen ‘to understand’- 5 core skills

So, you want, no, NEED to feel understood ? Why is it that your work colleagues always jump down your throat when you suggest something at work? Why is that your former partner always seems to misunderstand what you are read more

Finding a way through difficult conversations

Some facilitators find it a challenge to contain and diffuse ‘eruptions’ in their meetings. Here is a simple approach and suggested sequence of questions to consider and adapt for your own use focusing on peoples core values and interests, to read more

FREE Self-help series -How to reach your own maintenance agreements

When a couple separate, despite the pain one or both may be feeling, most separating couples admit, during calmer more reflective post separation periods, that they need to work together to sort out their finances and continue to parent their read more

Neuroscience and Conflict by Dr Gabija

One of the highlights for me of a recent presentation given by Dr Gabija about neuroscience and conflict was the part when she talked about ‘mammalian brain’ dominant traits compared with ‘human brain’ dominant traits (and ‘reptilian brain’ which this article read more

MIAMs- Let’s not use negative stastistics for our own ends

Why is it that, apparently less than a quarter of cases in which a MIAM has taken place, proceed to mediation? This certainly not my experience or the experience of the Compass Resolution mediators. In fact, it is the reverse, read more