Our commitment

We are totally committed to helping and supporting people to resolve their own conflict and reach their own agreements, in the most constructive, efficient and cost effective way by –

  1. developing a national network of mutually supportive, fully accredited and highly experienced mediators, conflict management coaches and trainers, specialising in a wide range of dispute resolution strategies, skills and techniques.
  1. ensuring that our clients receive the right professional support, from us and our business partners, at the right time, when they need it most, in the most efficient and cost effective way.
  1. continually developing and improving our skills and comprehensive support systems, processes and resources, in response to the specific needs of our mediators and clients
  1. promoting a greater awareness and understanding of mediation and dispute resolution processes and their benefits, at every available opportunity, through a wide range of educational media platforms.
  1. working closely with other partner organisation in the mutual support of our clients.