Business Team

Introducing our growing team of business mediators.

We are all committed to helping you resolve your own conflict and reach your own agreements, in the most effective and efficient way.

Our mediators come from a broad range of backgrounds including lawyers, company owners, accountants, IFAs, therapists and coaches.

We are all dedicated to sharing experiences and insights with each other to create the best mediation and coaching service we can offer.

John Hind family_icon business_icon coaching_icon


Director and Founder – Compass Resolution


Mediator (Family/Workplace), Lawyer, Mediation Practice Consultant, Family Consultant, Group Facilitator, Conflict Management Consultant, Skills trainer.

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Gavin Fennell family_icon business_icon coaching_icon


Gavin is a Mediator(Family/Civil/Neighbourhood) and a Chartered Accountant. He specialises in high value mediations and is also qualified to meet with children to enable their views to be heard during mediation. Accredited by the Family Mediation Council.

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Frances Place family_icon business_icon

Skilled in mediating in highly emotional situations.
Able to help foucus parties on reaching constructive, realistic settlements enabling them to put the past dispute behind them in a positive way and if necessary, continue to work together.

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Paul Sandford business_icon family_icon 


Principal Director of ASM, civil/commercial, workplace, employment, family and educational mediator and trainer with a judicial/legal background. He has knowledge and expertise in dispute resolution in a wide range of areas and disciplines and mediates online.

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Ben Beaumont business_icon 


Civil/commercial mediator, arbitrator, adjudicator, barrister and chartered surveyor with extensive legal and directorial experience. He has wide-ranging international experience and works in a number of different worldwide jurisdictions.

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Joanne Byrne business_icon 


Educational and civil mediator with very extensive experience of the educational sector including resolving SEN related disputes and the process of Early Dispute Resolution (EDR).

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Dr Russell Foster business_icon 


Consultant psychiatrist with extensive medicolegal, managerial and judicial expertise.

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David King business_icon 


Civil mediator and accountant with extensive financial and taxation related experience and expertise.

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David Santiago business_icon family_icon 


UK and Portuguese accredited civil/workplace mediator, coach and trainer, completely bilingual English/Portuguese speaker and accomplished online mediator. David can undertake work in the UK, Portugal and Brazil.

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Russell Shackleton business_icon 


Specialist in Contractual Evaluation, Financial Specialist, Business Consultant, Auditor, Investigator, Trainer and Coach with experience and expertise in the commercial, charitable and public sectors.

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Anthony Wooding business_icon 


Civil, commercial and workplace mediator and trainer and managing partner in a long-established firm of solicitors. He has particular knowledge and expertise in resolving all types of civil, property and financial disputes.

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Brendan Schütte business_icon 


UK and Irish accredited and highly accomplished workplace mediator, investigator, trainer and coach with particular expertise in the field of neutral evaluation. Brendan undertakes work in Ireland and in all parts of the UK including Northern Ireland.

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Jamie Marshall family_iconbusiness_icon 


Jamie is a family mediator and member of the Family Mediators Association combining many years of legal experience with a facilitative and non-adversarial approach to help families make the best decisions in respect of their children and finances following separation. Jamie is also a civil mediator with particular interest in legal costs and workplace and business disputes.

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Rachel Webb family_icon business_icon coaching_icon


Rachel has a background in law and counselling. She is a former solicitor, couple and family counsellor and accredited as both a family mediator and a commercial mediator. She combines sound legal knowledge with the right skills to help clients understand the practical and legal effects of separation and divorce, whilst supporting them as they deal with change and make decisions about their future. She is approachable, warm and professional.

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