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Helping your children to thrive

How important is it for you to protect your children from the negative impact of the separation?

At Compass Mediation we know how challenging parenting at the time of separation can be.

Some parents tell us that they have never experienced such intense feelings before.

You might be managing to keep it together most of the day and then a thought or an email pulls the rug from underneath your feet and it takes hours before you feel like yourself again.

You are trying to keep your children’s life as close to what they used to.

It’s not all plain sailing, but you are doing your best to carry on with what you did before and perhaps with what used to be your partner’s role. It’s a steep learning curve.



To help you along the way we teamed up with Una Archer at Help Your Children Thrive.

Una is a psychologist who helps parents to protect their child from the negative impact of the separation and to resolve the emotional and behavioural issues that might cropped up along the way.


Follow this link to download her workbook –
3 Reframes That Will Help You Keep Your Child’s World Intact before, during and after the separation.