Helping you to manage
conflict for yourself.

Helping you to manage conflict for yourself.

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Conflict management coaching
£100 + VAT
per hour

Our Compass Conflict Management coaching service is designed to help and support you if you are involved in an ongoing dispute or need to prepare for a process like court or tribunal proceedings, mediation or simply a tough meeting in which you need to perform at your best. We can help you with specific self-management conflict strategies and strategies designed to help you manage a wide range of challenging situations. We will help you optimise your potential in your personal and business lives whatever the situation, whatever the challenge.


Business consultants
£100 + VAT
per hour

Our Compass Business Conflict Consultants work with a wide range of business owners, employers and employees in within a broad range of business dispute and conflict situations. We ensure that you feel fully prepared and able to operate at your best when it comes to communicating with others you may find yourselves in conflict with especially where it is an important business relationship you are trying to maintain.


Family Consultancy
£80 + VAT
per hour

Our Compass Family Consultancy service is designed to help and support you when your family separates. We recognise how daunting separation and divorce can be and how tough it can be to operate at your best in very traumatic circumstances. Our family consultants are all experts in the field of family dynamics and communications. Some are family lawyer/mediators, others are from a therapeutic background. They are all very familiar with the court, mediation and collaborative processes. They will help you prepare psychologically, emotionally and practically so that you are able to perform at your optimum potential.

Professional Practice Consultants
£100 + VAT
per hour

Our Compass Mediation Consultants are specially trained to help and support other mediators to run their own mediation practices in the most efficient and effective ways. This may involve working with mediators on a 1on1 or group basis and covers a wide range of areas including practice skills, business strategies, marketing and training. Some of our mediator consultants also offer training courses and workshops.

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