How to sort out your own financial agreement when you get divorced- Resources to help you.

survival_guide_finances_divorce_ofcYou will now find all these Financial Survival Guides on our website

Our aim is to help and support you in every way we can to reach your own decisions and avoid court, if at all possible.

The following guides and our family mediation service will help you do just that.

So, if you need to sort out your finances please read these guides and arrange to see one of our mediators to help you and your partner to work together.


Guide- Sorting out your finances when you get divorced

  • Contents
  • About this guide 3
  • What do you need to sort out? 5
  • Ways of sorting out your finances 6
  • What to do if or when you reach an agreement 9
  • What the law says 10
  • A fair outcome 16
  • Assets 19
  • Income 30
  • Pensions 41
  • What does it mean? 49
  • More help and advice 50

Should you not find it possible to avoid court there are also guides to assist you with representing yourself although we still strongly recommend that you take legal advice and we can recommend suitable family lawyers to support you.

Guide –  How to apply for financial help (if mediation fails)

  • Things to understand 4
  • Before you can go to court 5
  • Legal aid 8
  • What does the court take into account when it makes a decision? 9
  • What kinds of financial orders can a court make? 12
  • Sorting things out by negotiation and agreement 15
  • The process in pictures 17
  • Going to court – the basics 22
  • Applying for a financial order 25
  • How to fill in Form E 27
  • Other things to do before the first appointment 48
  • The first appointment 54
  • The financial dispute resolution 56
  • (FDR) appointment The final hearing 61
  • Top tips! 62
  • More help and advice 63
  • What does it mean? 66

The information in this guide is for general purposes only. Please do not rely on it as a substitute for getting legal advice about what to do in the specific circumstances of your case.

 Guide- How to fill in your financial statement

  • What is Form E? 4
  • Filling in Form E: Top tips 5
  • Form E: front page 6
  • Part 1 – General information 7
  • Part 2 – Financial details 9
  • Part 3 – Financial requirements 18
  • Part 4 – Other information 22
  • Part 5 and the last pages 24
  • More help and advice 25
  • What does it mean? 28

Going through divorce and having to sort out your own finances can be daunting to say the least so, please speak to one of our mediators to see how we can help you and your former partner/spouse reach your own agreement and avoid court.

Good luck

How to sort out your own financial agreement when you get divorced- Resources to help you.