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Maintenance Agreements in Mediation - 5 Stages


John Hind introduces his video series on reaching your own agreements in 5 stages

The 5 Stages

The 5 key stages for reaching your own maintenance agreements are explained

Mental Preparation

John talks about the importance of mental preparation for mediation

Practical Preparation

John introduces the docs and guides you will be using as you sort out a maintenance agreement

Completing schedules Part 1

The monthly expenses schedule are discussed along with timeframes and the law

Completing schedules Part 2

This video covers how to complete your schedule ensuring an alignment of approach

Working together 14 Keys

John introduces his 14 keys to successfully working together in mediation

Working together 5 step framework

This video takes you through the 5 step framework for calculating spousal maintenance


Having reached an agreement, how do you ensure that it works for you both?

Future disputes

This video offers the viewer a Reflective Framework for resolving future disputes



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