To teach People to Have a Critical Sense and To Know How to Relate New to Previously Acquired Information – The Work of the Trainer

We live in amazing times. Breakthroughs in technology and scientific knowledge happen so fast that we often ask ourselves whether we will be able to assimilate and understand everything that is happening around us. The advent of social networking and read more

FREE Self-help series -How to reach your own maintenance agreements

When a couple separate, despite the pain one or both may be feeling, most separating couples admit, during calmer more reflective post separation periods, that they need to work together to sort out their finances and continue to parent their read more

Is that really such a good plan?

Are you doing the same things over and over BUT expecting things to improve? People often want to tell me, in mediation assessments, how unreasonable their former partner has been, their ‘blame’ narrative. So, unreasonable, in fact, that their former read more