Finding a way through difficult conversations

Some facilitators find it a challenge to contain and diffuse ‘eruptions’ in their meetings. Here is a simple approach and suggested sequence of questions to consider and adapt for your own use focusing on peoples core values and interests, to read more

To teach People to Have a Critical Sense and To Know How to Relate New to Previously Acquired Information – The Work of the Trainer

We live in amazing times. Breakthroughs in technology and scientific knowledge happen so fast that we often ask ourselves whether we will be able to assimilate and understand everything that is happening around us. The advent of social networking and read more

Is that really such a good plan?

Are you doing the same things over and over BUT expecting things to improve? People often want to tell me, in mediation assessments, how unreasonable their former partner has been, their ‘blame’ narrative. So, unreasonable, in fact, that their former read more

10 questions to improve your ‘parenting relationship’

Many separated parents come to mediation with many ‘entrenched negative beliefs’ about each other and the situation, rooted in a narrative defined by blame, self-justification and self-righteous indignation creating barriers to a positive parenting relationship. If separated parents are truly read more

Conflict Resolution is a ‘numbers game’

This morning I was taking a credit card number from a client. Of the 23 numbers taken, one was incorrect. As a result, the system broke down and payment was not accepted. A few days ago, I received a referral read more

Neuroscience and Conflict by Dr Gabija

One of the highlights for me of a recent presentation given by Dr Gabija about neuroscience and conflict was the part when she talked about ‘mammalian brain’ dominant traits compared with ‘human brain’ dominant traits (and ‘reptilian brain’ which this article read more