How to confront conflict in 3 steps

Key3 Key stages to confronting conflict effectively

First, reflect on your personal beliefs you are seeking to defend, why these are important to you (your values and principles) and whether or not they stand up to your own scrutiny, before investing time and energy in defending them (self reflection)

Second, be willing to accept that the other person with whom you are in conflict has a different, perfectly valid belief, based on the same self reflective process you have followed and seek to discover why this is important to them.

However, If that person seeks to impose their beliefs on you, make it clear to them that you are willing to cooperate and engage in a reasonable and rational dialogue about your different beliefs but you are not prepared to cooperate and engage with them if their purpose is simply to impose their will on you.

Third, having established the boundaries for an ‘effective dialogue environment’, explore together the opportunities for a reciprocal outcome without having to sacrifice core beliefs and principles.


Beware of personalising the dialogue

Ensure that the other person feels that they are being listened to, heard and their views respected

Explore each person’s views and beliefs from a variety of different perspectives


How to confront conflict in 3 steps
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